There Are No Limitations In God

God is all knowing and all powerful. This is an understatement. He is limitless and there are no limits in Him. It is therefore impossible to describe God and know Him as He is. However God made it possible to know Him through His Son, Jesus. Every other knowledge of God is limited whether it is through philosophy or other religions. Jesus is the ultimate answer to knowing God. He has revealed Himself to us His creation in human terms that we can understand. Jesus is God come in human form to reveal His Father in heaven. We His creation only see dimly and therefore know only partially. He reveals Himself to those who seek Him. There is no partiality with Him.

Our limitless God came in human form to reveal His personality so that we could get to know Him and have a relationship with Him. We are in Christ in position as a child of God. We are also in Christ in our relationship with Him. Just as Jesus related to His Father in heaven, we too now can relate with God and call Him Abba Father. It is our relationship with Him as a Father that makes it possible to do His works. He works through us and is not limited. He works by His Holy Spirit who lives in us. Can you imagine the potential we have in us? Nothing is impossible when God works through us.

When we move in His Spirit we will be able to do wonders in His name. Jesus said we would do greater works than what He did because He is now with the Father. He has ascended to heaven and His Holy Spirit in us is the connection with Him. Without the Holy Spirit we can do nothing. In the Holy Spirit we can do all things for He is our strength. We can heal the sick and deliver the captive. There are limitless possibilities because He lives in us. Do we believe this? When we do, we will be victorious in all situations because the devil is no match to the power of God in us.

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