How To Prepare For The Suddenlies Of God.

Our God is a God of the Suddenlies. God suddenly appeared to Moses in a burning bush. God suddenly appeared as a strong light to Paul when he was on the road to Damascus. So also there are many other occasions when God came and suddenly did the impossible like parting of the Red Sea. We can and must expect God to move suddenly in our situations in life. One day recently, I was heading for a car crash and God suddenly moved my car sideways and saved me from a head on collision. In the spiritual realm anything is possible. We need to operate in the spiritual realm to see and experience the suddenlies of God.

One of the ways to prepare for these suddenlies is to walk in repentance. Repentance is a lifestyle and not just a confession. When we walk in repentance we are preparing the soil of our hearts to receive from God. God loves those who repent and turn from their wicked ways and pray. It is like tilling the soil of our heart. When we till we prevent the weeds from growing and aerate the soil. This enables roots from a wheat crop to grow deep and subsequently the harvest will be rich and full. Take every thought to the obedience of Christ and do not give into the flesh. The Holy Spirit will alert you to those nagging thoughts and desires of the flesh. Delete those thoughts from your mind through repentance.

Forgiveness is another key to preparing the soil of your heart. When we forgive a person we say we do not hold any grudges towards them and set them free. This will free us from any negative emotion we hold towards that person. We need to detach from that person and not allow any negativity to be a foothold for the devil. The devil can only harass us when we give him a foothold. Preparing our heart is freeing us from all negativity towards self or others. Self hatred is the worst kind of negativity we can harbour towards oneself. Forgive yourself and embrace the love of God in your heart. Now expect God to move into your situation suddenly.

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