Which Spirit Empowers You? The Evil Spirit Or Holy Spirit?

We live in a spirit world whether we are aware of it or not. This spirit world is an unseen world but the spirits in it also have a role in the seen world. The god of this world is Satan, who with his fallen angels operate in this world. However Satan  dwells in the second heaven and has no access to the third heaven where God resides . God is in control of all things He has created. The demons are working in this world to take as many as possible to Hell with them. Satan and his followers are doomed to eternity in Hell. Heaven is for those who have chosen to follow Jesus, who came to save us from an eternity in Hell. We now have to choose which spirit we will follow.

Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to indwell all those who will call Him Lord. We are children of God when we choose to follow Him. However as long as we are in the flesh we have to choose to follow Him or the spirit of this world. Our flesh is tempted to give into its desires and follow the spirit of this world. We now have to choose whether we will do this or deny our flesh its desires and follow the Holy Spirit. This is the battle of the mind we have to fight daily in our lives till we die. We will all die one day unless we are raptured or the Lord returns in His second coming. 

When we give into the spirit of the world we will be led into all kinds of vices. The spirit of the world comes to steal, kill and destroy. Discern which spirit is leading you by answering this simple question. Am I giving into my flesh which steals, kills and destroys? All jealousy, pride, unforgiveness and hatred is of the spirit of this world. When we harbour these thoughts and feelings we give the devil a foothold in our life. Repent and be set free and live in the power of the Holy Spirit today.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

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