God’s Perfect Will Is That You Be Healthy, Wealthy And Wise.

God’s perfect will for His creation is that we be well as our soul prospers (3 John 2:1). This wellness is in all areas including the physical.  This is God’s perfect will for us and He is not a respecter of persons. This means He is not biased in any way as He loves us all equally. However we can choose whether we follow Him or go our own way. Adam had a choice as did Lucifer. They both chose to go against God’s way and fell into sin. Rebellion against God is the pattern from the beginning and we see the results in our lives today. We were born in sin and only the blood of Jesus can save us from its power over us. The power of sin condemns us but the blood of Jesus redeems us.

This promise of God for a healthy life is His perfect will. In this world we will be faced with choices to sin or not. Sin comes in different forms. We can sin in thought, word or deed. Sin is sin and there is no such thing as the degree of sin. We tend to make judgements like murder is worse than lying. God does not. We think that sinning in thoughts of lust is ok but God does not. He said if we lust after a woman in our thoughts, we have committed adultery with her. God’s judgement bar is much higher than ours. This is why we can never work to redeem ourselves from the power of sin. However God has provided a way out in that He sent Jesus to die for us.

God’s promises remain active today. All we need to do is believe His promises. He can reverse all our sickness and disease in a moment. There is nothing too hard for the Lord. There is no sickness in heaven. Therefore the hindrance to receiving our reward lies within us. We must repent and surrender all to Him. Our soul will prosper as we do this and our health and wealth will follow. There is a condition in God’s promises. We have to choose to do His will. What are we waiting for? Let us enter into the land of His promises and be healed and be made whole in Jesus’ Name.

Photo by Denise Duplinski on Pexels.com

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