Hope Is A Certainty. It Will Definitely Happen.

Hope is often seen as a possibility and not a certainty. In everyday discourse we use it as something that may happen. However it is more then that in spiritual terms. It is a certainty and will happen. There maybe a delay between what is given and when it is received but it will happen. In God’s terms hope is a certainty and so hope is more than just a wish. Faith is the evidence of things hoped for. This means that hope is alive and will see what we believe for. Hope therefore is a powerful word that waits for the promise to be fulfilled.
Hope is used many times in the Bible as a word to expect from God what He has promised. Hope is a now word for us to move forward and not look back. Abraham left for the promised land knowing that God had promised and so he went. The promise needs to be received by faith and hope sees it through. We hope for things we do not see. What is there to hope for things that we see? Hope brings the invisible into the visible. It is the certainty of what we believe in. whether it is healing or freedom. 
Let us hope for what God has promised in His word. Today let us speak His word out boldly whether personal or corporate. His word spoken out boldly will release power to perform what it is sent out to do. The angels will carry your spoken word and perform that word into existence. God spoke and created all things that we see. We likewise have to speak His word and will see the mountains move. What a promise we have in the Spirit to pray and see His works through our words spoken in faith.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Pexels.com

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