You Attract To Yourself What You Project From Within

Attraction is a powerful word. To attract is to bring to your attention what you are attracted to. We are attracted by beauty in nature like the birds and flora and all things natural. Attraction keeps us alive and attentive to all things around us. We are not robots that just exist but are living beings that are in constant interaction with our environment. We are sensitive to what we see and hear and touch. Our senses are attracted to certain smells and others repel us. This kind of attraction is physical in nature. However we also are attracted to things or persons through our feelings. 

Our feelings are subconscious and so are not clearly visible to others. When we feel good we project those good feelings to others. Others pick up these feelings and respond likewise. When I walk in love I will project loving feelings and so attract loving feelings. On the other hand if I feel anxious I will project feelings of anxiety that will make others feel tense in my presence. We are not aware of this till someone makes us aware of how they feel in our presence. Angry feelings will make others angry in reaction. Some of us are more sensitive to the feelings of others and so tend to be more reactive. Others are blind to the feelings of others and so remain oblivious to what is happening around them. This kind of attraction can also apply to the spirit realm.

We are spirit beings and can attract all kinds of spirits to ourselves. Evil spirits will be attracted to those who think and do evil. Good spirits are attracted to those who are good. A spiritually sensitive person is able to discern the different kinds of spirits. A spiritually blind person will be unaware of these spirits. This is why only a spirit-filled person is able to judge others. A worldly person cannot judge another because he is spiritually blind. Attraction therefore occurs at different levels of operation: physical, emotional and spiritual. We attract to ourselves what we project to others. Be attractive in the things of eternal value and be blessed.

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