Prepare The Soil Of Your Heart To Receive The Word Of The Lord

Jesus used the illustration of different soils to illustrate the type of soil that bears a hundredfold fruit (Matt 13:3-8). Most of us neglect preparing our heart and therefore when we hear the seed of His word it does not remain long enough to produce fruit. We hear so many opinions and stories of breakthrough but fail to experience it ourselves. It always seems to happen to others and seldom to me. Could it be that it is the state of our heart that prevents or delays the fruit? Seed is sown to produce fruit. When what we sow does not produce fruit, we don’t blame the seed but the soil. The seed sown is good and so the fruit should be good.

There are many reasons for delays but preparing the soil of our heart is vital to producing a bountiful crop of fruit. I know from my own experience that when I had prepared the soil and fertilised it, the fruit from my lemon tree and mandarin tree had multiplied this year. I need to constantly tend to the garden of my heart so that I am always bearing fruit. Most of us listen to a lot of sermons and attend conferences and are blessed by the word preached. However the initial blessing does not appear to last. Could this be because our heart has responded but failed to sustain the word sown. Either the devil was able to steal the word or we have allowed the cares of the world to rob us of our initial joy.

The way we prepare the soil of our heart is to daily walk in repentance and forgiveness. Taking holy communion daily is a good way to prepare our hearts. In the communion we daily acknowledge our own sinfulness and ask for cleansing and forgiveness. The blood of Jesus cleanses us like nothing else. He paid the price and now we can walk in His righteousness. In this way we are always conscious of our position in Christ as a redeemed son of God. We now can receive His word of power to bear good fruit. We begin to exercise by faith His love, joy and peace and all the other fruits of the Spirit. This is the only way to bear a hundredfold fruit for others to enjoy.

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