The Gift Of Wisdom Is Strategy

Wisdom is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We need wisdom in these days to know what to do in situations that challenge us. Whether it is a physical problem, relationship difficulties or situational challenges, the gift of wisdom will help us find the solutions. Ask God for wisdom and He will give it to you (James 1:5). I share this because I feel I am moving in this gift in a new way. God will give you the strategy to help solve problems. King Solomon asked God for wisdom and he became famous for his wise decisions. I am using this gift in finding new ways in cooking and relationships. It is fun and God supplies the wisdom to do things in a different way which is enlightening.

In these days there are many opinions people are faced with. All these opinions maybe valid in their own way. However we need to ask God in order to know what is His way in a situation. This maybe different from the popular opinion. God’s people have access to knowledge and wisdom that is not of this world. This is Kingdom living. He wants us to live with a heavenly mindset. This is how we will be light and salt in the world we live in. Following the crowd is easy but we who are strong in the Lord go against the crowd. Just like salmon that swim upstream going against the flow so also we are called to be separate from the world in our thinking and doing. 

I have found solutions appear out of the blue when solving mechanical and relationship problems. This is so exciting because it means that we can face any situation where it appears to be impossible but is made possible through God’s wisdom. God is delighted when we follow His plan of action. He is desirous to bless us with His wisdom. Let us be the solution and not the problem. Many of us get sucked into talking about the problem rather than finding solutions. Wisdom always talks about the solution. Ask God for the right strategy and see your world turned upside down.

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