Are You Living In Your Imagination Or In The Spirit?

Most of us live in our imagination whether it is to do with our past or future. Imagination is what makes us different from the rest of the animal kingdom. To be able to imagine is a God-given ability. Some struggle in this area and so live deprived lives. They live by rules and regulations and anything outside the box is out of bounds. They fail to take risks and so live limited lives. God said men could do anything they could imagine and therefore He confused them at the Tower of Babel. He made them speak in different languages and so limited their ability to unite and be like God. Imagination is a powerful tool to produce breakthroughs in every area of life. However there is a negative aspect to imagination that many are not aware of. We can be so taken up with our imaginations that we lose consciousness of a world beyond ourselves. We get stuck in a world of me, myself and I.

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God has endowed us with a spirit. Our spirit is able to commune with God. God is Spirit and He made us in His image to be able to have fellowship with Him. Our redeemed spirit is able to house God’s Spirit within us. God said that He has made His dwelling place within us. Now our imagination comes under the control of His Spirit. We are now led by His Spirit and not by our vain imaginations. This is the difference between walking in our imagination and walking in the Spirit. This is a whole new walk. It releases the gifts and fruits of the Spirit within us. We now delight to commune with the Holy Spirit who dwells in us.

Many have built their lives on their imaginations and have ended in ruins. God has given them up to follow their own foolish devices and schemes. All they imagine is to build castles in the air that crumble in a second. What we see in the world today is how man’s imagination to conquer the world only leads to more confusion and destruction. Throughout the Old Testament we have story after story of the reign of good kings and bad kings. The good kings reaped a harvest of plenty while the bad reaped death and destruction. Choose to follow the Spirit of God and reap abundance today.

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