Faith Is Not Just Mental Agreement. Faith Has Legs.

Most of us would agree with the Word of God as written in the Bible. We accept that it is the infallible, eternal word of God. However such agreement alone will not see the fruit of our faith. Faith needs to be applied before it is able to bear fruit. This is the gap that keeps many bound in their situation. God says He heals and yet many still are bound in sickness. Could this be that they are still believing in their head but not in their heart? When we have a revelation of truth it will lead to a transformed life. Mere mental agreement with the truth rarely results in any transformation. We can believe a lot of things are true but then continue to live as if they are not.
Truth needs to be applied to become real. Manifestation comes through application. I will walk as if I have received my healing now. I may still not have seen the results but my faith believes and sees the result before the manifestation. This is real faith that sees and says what is to be. I will walk in my completed healing as if I have already received the answer to my request. This is to apply legs to my faith. I walk out my faith with fear and trembling. I operate from a spiritual realm although my feet are still on the ground. This is how spiritual resources are tapped into and provision made in the natural. Jesus saw the healing in His Spirit and it manifested in the natural. All provision has already been made for me. All I need to do now is to wait in faith for its manifestation.
Jesus became poor that we maybe rich. He was not poor but became poor, that is became man, to claim us to Himself. Now we live in Him and with Him and share in His riches in heaven. This truth needs to be a revelation before it becomes real to us. This is to live like a king on earth in His Kingdom. This Kingdom mindset is what will lead to the world being turned upside down. The values of the Kingdom of God are not of this world. This world operates on earthly values which are centred on self. This is why we see chaos and confusion in this world because the god of this world operates to steal, kill and destroy. Come now and let us apply the truth of His word and become like Him on earth as He is in heaven.

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