Have You Ever Observed Your Thoughts And Been Shocked?

Most of us go about living our lives as if there is no tomorrow. We are oblivious to the fact that life on this earth is finite and one day we will all die. The consciousness of death is what can give life some meaning. Although death is definite it is not something we want to think about. Death was a consequence of the Fall. This is not just physical death but also spiritual death. We were born spirit beings but through the Fall were cut off from God because of sin. God however restored us to Himself by sending His Son, Jesus, to be a living sacrifice for us. Now we have been restored through Him and are alive in our spirit, but our body will still die one day. Our spirit however will live forever as we have been redeemed by faith in His finished work on the Cross.

This  consciousness of being redeemed is called the born-again experience. We became aware of our own sinfulness and received His salvation when we put our trust in Him. We became aware of sin through the Spirit who opened our eyes to see. We were once blind to sin and walked in blindness to it. The god of this world continues to deceive us by keeping us in darkness. This whole world is in darkness and controlled by the god of this world, Satan. Once we are born again, we see our thoughts more clearly and know what is right and wrong. We now have the power to overcome and choose to do right. This is how we get transformed by His word that reveals the truth to us.

Imagine your thoughts are projected onto a television screen. You are watching your thoughts on this screen. In this way you are able to observe your thoughts, which become external to you. You are shocked to see your thoughts on the screen as now they have been separated from you. You now can take action to accept the thoughts that are right, good and wholesome and reject those that are evil, selfish and destructive. In this way you cleanse yourself of the negative thoughts that have occupied a space in your mind and which you were blind to. In this process you become transformed as you become aware of the negative thoughts in your life and think instead on Godly thoughts from His word. Come today and be transformed as you take action and observe your thoughts.

Photo by Vie Studio on Pexels.com

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