4 Sources Of Your Thoughts That You Need To Be Aware Of.

Thoughts are an integral part of our mind that most of the time we are only partially aware of. This is because we are thinking millions of thoughts in any one day. Most of them pass by and we do not take notice of them. However there are certain thoughts that draw our attention and stimulate our feelings. Most of us are not aware of the sources of our thoughts. We think they all come from within us. This is not true as most thoughts have an external source. To identify the source of our thoughts maybe a key to knowing how to deal with them. I would like to propose four sources for our thoughts.

1. Most of us are aware of our own selfish thoughts which are mainly need based. I want to be loved, have loads of money, be famous and so on. These are all self-centred thoughts and are mainly based on my needs and wishes. There is nothing wrong with these thoughts except that they are self-serving and keep us focussed on self. Too much obsessive thinking in this area only leads to a self-centred life with no awareness of the needs of others. These thoughts are driven by internal drives to be in control and to control others. This can lead to addictive behaviours when our needs are not met. 

2. The second source of our thoughts could be from others. We like to relate with others and many times we connect with others through our thoughts. Someone may think about us and we pick up their thoughts subliminally. This happens especially in close relationships. Emotionally close relationships can communicate with each other without having to say anything. Controlling others through our thoughts sometimes can lead to co-dependent relationships. This means that our needs are met by the other which makes us dependent on the other. This may not be a bad thing till we realise we have an unhealthy relationship with the other. We lose our independence in this process and this may affect our identity as a person separate from the other.

3. God is another source for our thoughts. When we become conscious of God we build a relationship with Him. He communicates with us through His word and through our thoughts. He sometimes communicates through our dreams and gives us visions. We know His voice because we are His sheep. We yearn to listen to His voice because His words build us up and guide us. The more time we spend with Him the more we become familiar with His voice.

4. In this world where satan is the god of this world, there are demonic forces that try to influence us through our thoughts. We need discernment to know the source of these thoughts. Sometimes satan appears as an angel of light and so we get deceived. He will put thoughts in our mind that we think are from God but they are sent to deceive us. We need to reject these thoughts that entice our flesh and hook us into darkness. Many are attracted by instant pleasures like winning a lottery and fall into a trap. Be wary of such instant attractions that are the ploy of the devil to trap us into his nest.

I trust this will help you to take charge of your thought life and only dwell on those thoughts that build you up and not torment or tear you down.

Photo by Vie Studio on Pexels.com

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