I Think, Hear, See, Feel And Speak Through The Mind Of Jesus

God restored His creation to its original state through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus. However this restoration is conditional. Every promise of God is conditional. He has made His promises available to us in response to our obedience. His grace and mercy cost Him His Son and we are now accountable to Him. This is not an easy message to hear for those who believe in hyper grace. There is a cost in discipleship. Discipline is the cost. We have to choose daily to follow Him. He asked Peter the question three times, “Do you love me more than these”? Peter had to choose three times to cancel the curse he put on himself when He denied Jesus three times. We too have to choose whom we will serve each time we are faced with a decision to follow Him.

God has promised to come and live in us. He has redeemed our spirit but our soul is being redeemed. When we live in the knowledge that He lives in us, then we operate in the Spirit of Jesus. His Spirit lives in us and helps us to live like Him on earth. This is to do His will as it is in heaven. We will operate in the same Spirit that Jesus operated in when He walked on the earth. This is too wonderful to comprehend but it is possible. The saints who have gone before us confirm this is possible and so do many who walk on the earth today. The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in you. Only by His Spirit is this possible. All we need to do is surrender our will to Him.

How does it feel when we walk like Jesus? It feels like we have a different person in us who is thinking, seeing and hearing like Jesus. This is to walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Most of us walk in and out of this state. However God desires that we are totally possessed by His Spirit. Jesus was full of the Spirit and overflowing in Him. This is why He saw signs and wonders manifest in His presence. We too can do the same. I desire this. What about you?

Photo by Adrian Cogua on Pexels.com

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