When You Are Convinced About Something, It Will Happen

Most of us live our life only partially aware of what we do. It is as if we are in automatic mode. We drive our cars as if on automatic mode. We are so used to routine that we can do things with our eyes closed! This makes us vulnerable to being slowly cooked into a system or programme. We become blinded by the media and hear only one part of a story and not the whole story. It is like hearing  one man’s version of a story, until we get a chance to hear another version. We are all prone to listen to those who agree with us. Any challenge to our position is rejected. The challenge represents a threat to our automatic mode of operation. A difference of opinion is seen as a threat rather than an opportunity for learning. 

Having said that, there is a place where we need to be convinced before we can have a breakthrough. This is like having an alignment to what we believe in. Faith works to obtain what it believes in. If I believe that I will be rich then that is what I will be. If I believe I will be poor then that is what will be my living experience. God’s word is like promises that need to be believed. When we are convinced of the power of His word to produce, then we will see the fruit come forth. Could this be the reason that many are not bearing fruit? We are not convinced and allow opinions of others to interfere with our belief. 

Salvation is free. However we must believe and receive  before we can experience the Truth. Similarly in all other areas of our lives whether in finances, relationships or career, we must believe in order to see the outworkings of our belief. If we are unconvinced about a certain matter, it is better to wait till we are convinced. Faith believes then takes action. Joshua believed and moved forward to enter the promised land. The fact of Giants in the land did not deter him. David knew His God was bigger than Goliath and he slew him. Once we are convinced we too can take action and prevail. Doubt will not work. Only believe.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

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