The Logos Word Must Become A Rhema Word To Bear Fruit

The logos word of God is the written word which is contained in the Bible. We read His word and become aware of God’s mind and His will. God recorded for our benefit His works from the beginning of creation. Now all can read His word and know His will. However knowing about His word is not the same as knowing His word. Knowledge of the Bible does not necessarily translate into a belief in His word. Many people can recite verses from the Bible by heart but they still do not believe what these verses say. It is the Holy Spirit that needs to reveal what is in God’s word. Without His Spirit there will be no revelation of His word. This is why many are spiritually poor.

Jesus spoke His word to His disciples. He sometimes spoke in parables but many did not understand Him. To this day many read the Bible stories but fail to understand the meaning of them. This is called spiritual blindness. The same blindness exists today as it did in Jesus’ days. Many go to church and hear His word read but fail to understand and so are no better off when they leave. This is why many have lost faith in the church and church attendance has dropped. People are bored with religion and want the real thing.

God speaks through His word and brings life to His word through His Spirit. Those who have ears to hear will hear. It is when the spoken word becomes real that lives get transformed. One person can hear the word and it achieves nothing while another hears the same word and is changed. This is when the written word becomes the rhema word. This rhema word becomes a personal revelation which brings about transformation like healing. It bears fruit according to the word that was revealed. Today wait to hear His rhema word and be transformed and changed into His image.

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