What Is The Source Of Your Supply?

All of us are dependent on the source of supply to meet our needs. Water is delivered from reservoirs through pipes to our homes. So also we have different sources to meet our physical needs. All providers of services receive their supplies from a source. In this world we are dependent on money to provide for our needs. Money is not the source but the means to buy a product to meet our need. In the past bartering was the means to exchange and supply goods and services. Many are throttled by lack of money to meet their needs. Yet God has promised to meet all our needs. He who feeds the sparrow will He not do that for His human creation?
God is the source for all our needs. We do not recognise this to our peril. We get anxious and worry about how our daily bread will be met. However we do this because we think that we are the source and not God. When we shift our eyes from self to God then a shift occurs in the source of our supply. This shift is a major shift. We cry to God when all else fails. However God wants to be our source all the time and not just in desperate times. We pray only when we have a need. How about praying and thanking God all the time in plenty and in drought. When God becomes our source not just in word but in spirit, we have an endless supply.
God is limitless in His supply. When we tap into God’s abundance we will never lack anything. He becomes our source and He has promised to supply. Could it be that we lack because we are dependent on another source then God? Many who have hit rock bottom realise that their turn around came when they turned to God as their source. Why wait till we hit rock bottom to turn to Him. Let us turn now to Him and leave all to follow Him and trust Him for our source. He will reward those who trust Him. His resources in heaven are limitless. He is able to meet all our needs from His resources in heaven. Whatever your need is, financial, emotional or spiritual, He is able to meet your need now.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Pexels.com

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