Watch Your Reaction. 

Reactions are responses to actions. Most of us react to others who disagree with us. These reactions reveal more about ourselves than about others. Our reactions are like defensive actions to protect us from what we perceive as threats. A differing opinion is just that, namely a different view on a subject. It is not a fact or the truth. It may be based on some facts but facts change. One version of a story appears true till we hear the other side. This is why we have courts to help us decide on what is right, so justice can prevail. Both sides of the issue are heard in court, before the judge decides on the outcome. 

If my reaction is negative then I may need to step back and ask why? My reactions are an indication that at some level I am feeling threatened. Fear is a common reaction. Fear is based on fake evidence appearing as real. In this world we are faced with all kinds of fake news. These are opinions promoted by some people with different agendas to bias an issue in one way. A drug may be promoted to serve a specific purpose but the harmful side effects may be worse than the original painful condition that is being treated. In this way one can be initially persuaded to believe in a certain product or person only to be disappointed. This is why we need to watch our reactions because they may teach us to address certain matters that keep us bound to a certain way of thinking or doing things.

Many friends fall out with each other over minor issues. We see this played out in daily life at work or in church. Families break up because of differences. These differences become intolerable and so walking away often appears to be the only solution. There is a saying “I love him to death”. How does one love another to death unless murder is part of the agenda? Love and hate many times are like two sides of a coin. One can love someone intensely and hate them at the same time. No wonder we see so many taking the easy way out by committing suicide. Intense reactions may lead to destructive actions like taking one’s own life or even murder. Watch your reactions and never give up.

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