Let Go Of Your Possessions To God And Be Protected.

The things of this world tend to have a hold on us. We get attached to things especially ones that have been with us a long time. Certain articles of art and instruments get attached to us. They are like old friends and it is difficult to let go of them. Yet we know that we will not be able to take any of these things with us when we leave planet earth for good. God wants to protect us from any idols that we may be attached to. The only way is to let them go so that they don’t have a hold on us. Anything that has a hold on us is an idol. Once we let go of these things, we will experience a freedom of release. Idols can be controlling because they are like gods. 

God wants to extend His protection to our possessions. Anything we hold on tightly to will bind us. When we let go of these things to God then He will protect them. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. God comes to give life and that abundantly. Therefore be free today from your possessions and let them go to God. What we hold on tightly to, will keep us bound and trapped. The very thing that we think will free us, like money, will bind us. Fear of losing what we possess can finally result in its loss. The enemy is fear.

Today let go and let God take control of your possessions. In this material world our possessions give us a sense of security. However this is a false sense of security. Real security is to be at rest in whatever circumstance we find ourselves in. We need to shift our focus from outside us to inside us. We need to move from a rock bottom situation to the Rock being our bottom. Jesus is our Rock of all ages. He only can insure and protect all that belongs to us. He has bought our salvation. Now He wants to release us from everything else that will bind us. Today let go, be set free and live.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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