The Word Of God Divides Between The Soul And The Spirit.

The word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit (Heb 4:12). This is a profound statement and can be experienced. God’s word is so powerful that it helps us discern what is of our soul and what is of our spirit. This division is not apparent to most because we do not separate the soul from the spirit. Many talk about the soul and spirit as interchangeable terms. This is not true. God made us a triune being of body, soul and spirit. We do not understand this and so pack the soul and spirit together. We therefore walk in ignorance and fail to comprehend the difference. Only a born-again spirit can see the difference. 

A person who is born again has been touched by God and changed into a new creation. This is a supernatural work of the Spirit of God. No man can do it, but only God can do it. This is the work of the Holy Spirit who not only gives us a new spirit but comes and dwells within our spirit. He now can manifest His works through us. This is too marvellous to comprehend but is true. So also He now is able to help us to know when we are walking by our soul and when by His Spirit. This ability occurs when we are baptised in the Spirit, which is evidenced by speaking in tongues as it happened at Pentecost. The Holy Spirit came as a strong wind and tongues of fire were seen descending on the disciples. 

The Holy Spirit manifests His power through us. He is not just an emotional experience but a manifest presence. Our emotions are stirred when we receive His touch. However He comes mainly to manifest  His presence. This is how we know He is real and is the answer to all our problems. He manifests in healing, restoring relationships and meeting every need that we have. He also manifests by distributing His gifts through us to others. It’s His presence in us that manifests and delivers the answers. We ask and He delivers. This is the authority we have on earth to implement God’s will on earth. Let us today walk in the manifest power of God and be His answer to a fallen world.

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