How To Differentiate Between Your Soul And Your Spirit.

God created us as a triune being of body, soul and spirit. When we were born our spirit was dead through sin. The Bible says that we were born in sin. It was not our fault as this happened when Adam and Eve rebelled against God and ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They were seduced by Satan to be like him who knew good and evil. Now we need to be born again through repentance and forgiveness of our sins through receiving the free gift of salvation through Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross. When we are born again our spirit is renewed and the Holy Spirit comes and dwells in our spirit.

The word of God is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart (Heb 4:12). This is an operation of the Holy Spirit who enlightens us through His word. Only a spiritual man can discern spiritual things. A worldly man is dead to spiritual things as he is blind. He however can think through his soul. This is how man has evolved in his thinking and has pursued the desire to be like God. However God is above our own thoughts and none can understand Him. We think we are like God but fail to comprehend that God is Spirit and only a spiritual man can know God. Many are deceived and confuse soulish thoughts and desires with what is of the Spirit. This is happening in churches where sermons are preached from the soul and not the Spirit.

We need to discern the difference through revelation. What is of the Spirit is peace and joy. Our spirit is encouraged and renewed and we begin to operate from a different realm of the Spirit. Signs and wonders follow the preaching of the word. People are transformed when they hear the word preached in the Spirit and revelation. There are ways we can enter the realm of the Spirit. Praise and worship, meditating on His word and praying in tongues are ways of entering into the realm of the Spirit. We need to discern in these times what is of the Spirit as there are many voices that claim to be prophetic but are pathetic. Let us separate ourselves from all that appears holy but is really of the soul and not of the Spirit.

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