Real Freedom Is Only In The Spirit

God is Spirit and we are spirit beings in an earthly body. We also have a soul that enables us to think, feel and will to do. Our body operates through our senses and keeps us in touch with our environment. We see and hear and so are able to decide on what to do. If we don’t see and hear than we will be blind and deaf to our environment. We keep in touch with all around us through our senses. When we come alive in the Spirit we become aware of the spirit world. There are evil spirits that try to control us but God’s Spirit is greater than any evil spirit. This world is controlled by the god of this world and so evil is at work in this world. We who are born again in the spirit now have to choose who we will follow. We can follow the spirit of the world or the Spirit of God.
Before we were born again in the spirit we walked according to our flesh. We thought and worked like the world. We did not know anything better. Now we are born again our eyes have been opened to the spirit world where God is. God is Spirit and Truth. We know what is truth through His written word. We now are able to discern what is God’s will and walk according to it. We can only do this in the Spirit who gives us the will to do. Before this we struggled in the flesh to do what was right. Now we are free from the power of sin to do what is right. This is what Christ did when He died on the Cross for our sin. He freed us from the power of sin.
In the Spirit we can hear what the Father is saying and doing. We can commune with Him who is spirit. We now can choose freely to obey Him. However we have also the choice to disobey. We will reap death if we disobey but righteousness when we obey. The more we walk in the Spirit the more we will become like Him. This is His promise. His promise is that we be made into the image of His Son. Jesus came to show us the way to eternal life. In the Spirit we can overcome and be over comers. What a privilege and responsibility we have to walk like Jesus on earth. Be filled in the Spirit today and let’s us walk in real freedom.

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