Pray In The Spirit. Receive In The Spirit. It Is Done. Period.

 God is Spirit and He communicates with our spirit. However most of us don’t operate in the spirit realm because we are led by our own thoughts and feelings. We are more confident to reason and think in our own thoughts and feelings and therefore have not been trained in operating in the spirit. When revelation comes we begin to see the difference between operating in our soul and operating in our spirit. This revelation then leads us to spend more time in the spirit. This shift occurs when we realize that God is Spirit and we need to operate by faith and not by reason. In the spirit we begin to intuit the Father’s heart and will. We realize that sometimes God’s will is in conflict with our will.

Our Spirit

In the spirit we operate by faith because this is the substance of things not seen. Faith believes before it sees. It sees in the spirit what the Father desires and then moves out in faith to do His will. Jesus only did what He saw His Father doing. We too must see in the spirit and then do what we see. This is a complete shift from the way we used to do things. This dimension of working in the spirit will bring us to new understanding of the things of God. It appears like a foreign language to the mind of man. However we have to make this shift to move in revelation.


God desires to bless us and not to fault us. He is not a hard task master who is waiting to trip us up. He is a loving Father who wants the best for us. We need to operate in the spirit and we will be transformed in our soul and even our body will respond to this new walk. The Bible teaches us to be filled in the Spirit and to walk by the Spirit. Very few of us do this because this appears to go against reason. God gives a vision which appears impossible yet possible because God gave it. Many will be against the vision but we must stay focused on what is revealed and stay the course. One day the vision will be realized as God is the author. Today let us walk by the Spirit and enjoy the abundant life God promised.

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