It Is Impossible To Believe With Your Mind


Believe is a verb and it means to be actively engaged in something or someone. We many times confuse what we believe in our mind with what is of the Spirit. This confusion arises because we misunderstand that God is Spirit and He speaks to our spirit. We want to understand everything we believe in and in this process stop believing. Faith is a matter of the heart not of the head. We must first believe before we gain understanding. Most of us want to understand before we believe. This then becomes confusing because what we understand with our finite thinking is nothing compared to God’s mind. We need to believe in our heart before we receive revelation of what we believe.


Jesus always addressed matters to do with our heart. He used parables and illustrations to help us understand the things of the Spirit. He knew we were unable to understand because we would interpret everything He taught in physical or material terms. Once we understand that we need to believe and not doubt His words than a whole new world will open up before us. This is the world of the Spirit. Now things become revealed to us which before we did not see. It is as if once we were blind but now we see. This is the ‘aha’ experience. Suddenly we know what we once did not know. It is a deep knowing that transforms us from a unbeliever to a believer.


Many call themselves believers but believe with their mind and not with their heart. This is why we have many unbelieving believers. We say we believe but really don’t. We have been taught what to believe but this is like intellectual knowledge. The knowledge of the heart is deeper and intimate and transforms lives. This is why one can read the word of God but never be changed. Heart belief leads to an experience that changes our thinking and our minds are renewed. We must believe in our hearts that Jesus is Lord and confess with our mouth that He is risen from the dead to be saved. Romans 10:9.

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