Alignment, Assignment, Consignment And Procurement


We need to be aligned with the Holy Spirit to know the mind of God. God is Spirit and He communicates with our spirit. Many are not aligned with the Holy Spirit because they are not born again. Only those who are called are able to be aligned with God. There are many who are born again yet walk according to the flesh. This is non alignment with the Holy Spirit. There are many who call themselves Christians but do not believe. It is only believers who are able to be aligned with the Holy Spirit and do much for the Kingdom of God. Sadly the church at large is not in alignment and therefore is saltless and tasteless.


Once we are aligned with the Holy Spirit then we are able to know our assignment. Each one of us has an assignment from God to fulfil His Kingdom purpose. Just like a government has many roles for people to play so also the Kingdom of God has many roles for us to partake in. His Kingdom is like a government with many departments. We all have roles to fulfil to enable His Kingdom to be established on earth as it is in heaven. It is only when we catch this vision will we be able to fulfil our mission. Know your assignment and then fulfil your role.


Each assignment has a consignment. A consignment is a job to be filled. Just as goods are delivered to fulfil a certain need so also a consignment fulfils a need. It could be food or material for construction. Consignments are necessary to fulfil needs.  God has already dispatched consignments to be filled on earth. We have to be ready to dispatch our forces on earth to complete the consignment. Medical supplies and building materials are examples of consignments. We each need to do our part in building God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.


Once we complete our consignment we procure the necessary task to complete the assignment. In this way all needs are met. Many are in lack because parts of the body have not taken up their assignment. Many suffer because of this. However God will assign the task to another if one fails to do their part. God is in control and He knows those who will heed His call in this hour. Much are the needs around us but few heed His call. This is not a task for the weak and unbelieving but for the strong and able. Let us today do our part and stand in the gap and pray and do His will.

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