Intuition Is A Gift Of The Spirit


Intuition is a inner knowing that we all have because we were made in the image of God. Most of us ignore this knowing and switch to our mental realm and decide accordingly. Once we are awakened to the spirit realm then we become more conscious of this inner knowing. We will begin to listen more to the inner voice in us guiding and leading us. This is to be led by the Spirit and to walk in the Spirit. I have found this leading to be so helpful in my daily life. It develops an intimacy with the Holy Spirit who wants to lead us and guide us. Listen to your inner voice and see how being led is a more joyful life.


God has given us various gifts. These gifts are to help us to face the challenges we are faced with. We need to develop these gifts as we put into practice the gifting. If it is a gift in healing then we must pray for healing till we see more results. The operation of the gifts lead to manifestation. We must actively seek to apply the gifts just as a child learns to ride a bike. If the child gives up because of the falls, he will never learn to ride the bike. So also in our gifts we need to apply them to see the manifestation of the gift.


Today let us ask God to reveal the gifts He has given to us and be active in applying them. God has a design and plan for each of us. We are unique in His plan and only we can fulfil His plan for us. It won’t happen if we sit back and do nothing. His call is to do as He leads and be His representative on earth. This is how we establish His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Our prayers will be answered as we do this in Jesus Name.

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