What Is Eternal Life? Eternal Life Is Jesus

Eternal Life

Jesus said He who believes in me will never die and have eternal life. This is a profound promise that few understand the immense value of it. Many think that eternal life means that we will live forever. This is true but only applies after we die. However Jesus promised eternal life now and not just after we die. The difference is that if we only have eternal life after we die then we don’t have that life now. Jesus said we would have eternal life now not after we die. He was talking about our spirit. Our spirit was dead but now is alive in Him. When we receive Jesus as our Lord and Saviour we receive eternal life now.

Holy Spirit

Eternal life is the life of Jesus in us. He comes to dwell in our spirit by His Holy Spirit. Our spirit will never die and will live on after our body dies. We will all die one day and that is a fact. However all of us can live forever in the spirit and never die. This is what Jesus promised to all who will receive Him. Come to the river of life and receive His life. His life is abundant and whatever your circumstance, you will never live in lack. Once we grasp this revelation then we will live life like heaven on earth. This is the abundant life Jesus promised us who believe in Him.

Choose Eternal Life Now

Jesus came to restore us to our original design before the Fall in the garden of Eden. This was planned before He created man in His image. He knew He had to come as a man and die. This is the path He made for us to follow. He created us and now He has restored us because He knew we would fall. He took the responsibility for our sin upon Himself. This is our God who has a solution for every situation and problem. Now He lives His life through us. We are seated in heavenly places with Him now. Why wait till we die when we can enjoy eternal life now?

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

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