In Heaven There Are Only Answers. No Questions.


Now we see dimly but one day we will see clearly. This is so true especially when we think of heaven and the life in the here after. Many have lost loved ones suddenly during the past year. Many have prayed for healing but the healing came through death. We are left with questions and very few answers. What do we do when things happen to us and there appear no answers? I was nearly run over by a car but was saved from being hit. I never planned this but it could have been different if I was hit. How suddenly things could have changed and my life cut short. I lost a friend recently who suddenly took a turn for the worse and died within two weeks. Yet we rejoice that we have a hope that keeps us sane and rejoices even in calamity.


Many questions but few answers. Yet God has the answers and one day we too will see as He sees. We see dimly and therefore have questions. In heaven there are only answers and all our questions will be answered. How good to know that we don’t know everything for if we did, we would no longer have to live by faith. Faith believes even when we don’t see. I believe in Gods healing even if I don’t see it now.  I choose to believe and not doubt. One day the healing will come and I will rejoice at the perfect timing. There are many things I don’t know now but one day I will know. Today I choose to walk by faith and believe the best is yet to come.


In heaven every need is provided for. We can therefore be rest assured that when we pray ” Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”, it will be done. The timing on earth when His will will be done maybe different. Sometimes it happens suddenly but mostly it happens gradually. When we ask, we receive. When we knock, the door will be opened. Let us believe for the answers to our prayers and not relent till we see it manifested in our lives.

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