The Most Powerful Prayer You Can Pray: “Jesus Help Me”.


 Prayer is a two way communication between God and man. Jesus prayed daily to His Father to know what His Father wanted Him to do. Jesus only did what He heard and saw His Father doing. We too are called to do the same. Many times we think we can do things ourselves but this is called pride. Pride always wants to do it my way and not His way. This is why we need to surrender all to God and not just parts of our self. Total surrender is the only way to walk life in the Spirit. The flesh will always want to exert itself and go its own way. This was the result of the Fall when Adam and Eve chose to go their own way. That sin has plagued all of humanity since then. Jesus has made the way to turn from our selfish ways to His way.


 “Jesus help me” is a powerful prayer that acknowledges total dependence on Him in all things. Our mind and feelings and circumstances have a huge influence on us. They are still not redeemed and so we can fall at anytime. Our spirit however has been redeemed when we received Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. Now we need to walk according to the Spirit and not according to our flesh. This means total dependence on the Holy Spirit who lives in us. He will guide us in all things and we will walk in supernatural power. What appears impossible becomes possible. This is the heavenly life Jesus has made possible for us to live. Today call Him Lord and live. 

Total Surrender

There is no other way to please the Father than to be totally surrendered to Him. He will answer our prayers for He knows our frail state. Many unanswered prayers can be traced to the fact that we are still walking in the flesh. Our mind controls us and dictates what we should do. We need to switch from an earthly mindset to a heavenly mindset. We are seated in heavenly places in Christ. We need to rule from above. We are the head and not the tail. We are are victors, not victims. This is a shift that will enable us to overthrow the devil and live life to the full. Jesus made the way for us. Now we need to walk in it.


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