Our Mind Is The Major Hindrance From Receiving Our Inheritance


Our mind is the central processing centre for all our thoughts. Our thoughts determine how we feel. When our mind is in control then we will feel in charge. However this also means that we are in control. This is the fallen state of man. Man wanted to be like God and so fell in his pursuit. God desires that He be God and no one else should overrule Him. He created us for a purpose and He wants to bless us. He is a good God. However we think we know better and question our Creator. This process of wanting to think like God is the reason we get into difficulties. In a fallen world we will never be able to think like God.


God has made us a way of escape from this dilemma. He sent Jesus to free us from this life of law and death. He gives us eternal life. Our life here is limited and so is all things created. We see this daily in our lives where all that we own decays and dies. Our possessions have a finite life and one day will rot and decay. We have to service our equipment to keep it running. God has promised us eternal life. This life never ends and is always fresh. It is as if we never grow old. He has promised us riches from heaven like manna from heaven. Yet we rather eat from the crumbs under the table.


Our mind is so self centred that it cannot see the larger picture. Even if we do, it is rather limited. God is above our physical realm. He is Spirit. We were created as spirit beings and therefore have the ability to commune with Him. The spirit world is the real world. The physical world is just a copy of the real. When we tap into the real we become alive. The Spirit leads us into a abundant life here and now. Why be satisfied for the copy when the real is available to us? Come now to the river of life and be filled with abundant life.

Photo by Wings Of Freedom on Pexels.com

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