The Word Of God Is Like Medicine For Your Body, Soul And Spirit

The Word Of God

The word of God is a person. The word and the person are the same. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word is God (John 1:1). This is a profound statement and encapsulates the whole gospel. Jesus is the Word made flesh. He spoke the word of God. The written word of God is a person. When we read His word we are in reality eating and drinking His word. When we eat the bread and drink the wine we are also doing the same thing. We eat His flesh and drink His blood. One is symbol which helps us into the real thing. When we come to the understanding that God’s written word is the same as His living Word, revelation comes forth. Healing and deliverance follow this revelation.

Witten Word

God communicates with us through His written word. However many read the word as a work of literature rather than the word of God. The shift from the written word to the living Word comes by faith. We must eat the word of God as if it is medicine. This then becomes real in our body and soul. This is the transforming power of the word. We know how persuasive speech can be. When we listen to a good speaker they are able to convince us by their spoken word. So also the written word of God spoken out has power to transform us. This transformation is what leads to the manifestation of signs and wonders. God’s word is powerful to move mountains. Speak to your mountain and see it move.

Living Word

When we take God’s word like medicine it will be health to our flesh and our soul. Our spirit has been redeemed but our soul has to be redeemed. It is redeemed through the renewal of our mind. The word of God will renew our mind to see things the way God sees us. This shift is what we need to see in the world. The world has embraced false teachings that bring destruction and disease to our body and soul. This can only be reversed by embracing the truth. Jesus said He is the Truth. Therefore when we embrace Him we receive life. His life is abundant life and eternal life. There is no other way then His way to enjoy abundant life. Only eternal life can meet our need to live abundantly. All other ways are limited as life is limited by death. Jesus overcame death and hell and offers us eternal life in Him.

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