Is It Possible To Be Possessed By The Holy Spirit?

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a person and comes to reside in a person who accepts Jesus as Lord and Saviour of their life. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus. The same Holy Spirit dwelt in Jesus when He walked on earth. Imagine what power resides in a person who is filled in the Spirit. The in filling is subject to our consent. We are to be filled in the Spirit and to walk by the Spirit. However most of us continue to only be partially filled because we walk by the flesh. The flesh has to die to make room for the Spirit in filling us. The more the flesh dies, the more the Spirit fills us. We have to make room for the Spirit. 


God gives us the freedom to choose how we will walk. Our walk is conditional on our consent to the Spirit. The more we desire to be filled the more we will experience the power of God manifesting through us. The filling of the Spirit is to enable us to walk by the Spirit and not by the flesh. We know the difference because the walk in the Spirit is rest and not work. So to be possessed by the Holy Spirit is to be dead to the flesh and completely detached from it. It will be like observing your body rather than being in your body. We observe others and now we can observe ourselves. This may sound unreal but we all have experienced this at times. This is especially so when we are ministering to others in the Spirit.

Death To Self

We can be possessed by the Holy Spirit. We do this by daily dying to self and asking the Holy Spirit to possess us. This may sound frightening but there is no fear in perfect love. Eternal love will consume us and we can’t help but be possessed. There is no other way of living an abundant life on earth as it is in heaven. Come Holy Spirit and possess me today that I may enjoy your abundant life just as Jesus did on earth. Signs and wonders will follow and many will be healed and set free.

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2 thoughts on “Is It Possible To Be Possessed By The Holy Spirit?

  1. I went to a Divine Mersey Mass yesterday and a woman went into a trance yelling out and her body stiffened went she was taken out. It looked like a cross. I think she was possessed by the Holy Spirit or it appeared so. I’ve seen that in A Pentecostal church but never at a Mass. could that be true or some kind of seizure? Marilyn


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