We Are One Human Race In Different Colours


The differences that separate us are superficial. We are different in our physical appearance, psychological make up and spiritual state. Yet we are similar in the sense that we are all human and made in the image of God. So why do we allow our differences to separate us rather than our sameness? I think that difference is what marks us human. We are different because we are all individuals with a unique finger print. We are unique because of our difference. However instead of the difference making us brighter and better we allow them to separate us. This is seen through out human history. We have different classes and positions that keep us separate from each other. The rich and the poor, the lower class and the middle class, the whites and the blacks and so on. God never intended this to happen.


Sin entered the world and divided us into different classes. Pride which is the basic sin of mankind keeps wanting to be separate and different. We want to be richer than our neighbour and pride drives us to excel and be better. However there is a cost. The cost is a loss of community and unity. We are always suspicious of the intents of the other. We think that no one is there to help us but only to hurt us. In this climate of difference everything becomes a battle. Wars are fought to keep our race and identity secure. This happens in the family, politics and nations. Conflict is the norm and some are able to resolve issues but most separate.


What is the way out of this dilemma? I believe it is only the Cross of Jesus that can save us from our pride and greed and unite us in one Spirit. His Spirit can unite our differences and see beauty in difference rather than conflict. We all have different gifts and when we combine them as a body, we become a beautiful tapestry of His creation. This I believe is how we build the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. When Jesus is Lord, all things come together and His Spirit binds us together like no other. Let us unite our hearts together and appreciate our difference and see the beauty in it.

Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

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