From Position In Christ To Relationship With Christ.


A position is a indication where we stand. We position ourselves by making a decision as to where we choose to stand. We make statements like I choose to stand in Christ and not against Him. Some choose to reject Him. We have all been given a choice to make Jesus Lord of our life or not. When we receive Jesus as our Lord and Saviour we position ourselves in Him. This position grants us all the promises of God including eternal life. We are saved to be with Him for eternity. However this position does not say much about our relationship with Him. A position does not mean that we have a relationship with Him. Our position only indicates where we stand with Him.


Relationship is an ongoing state that indicates that we have moved on from our position. We grow in our relationship. We don’t grow in our position. Relationship is dynamic while a position is static. Many are in the right position but not in a relationship with Christ. This is a shift that needs to occur if we are to grow in Christ. Most are satisfied by being saved and go on to live life like everyone else in the world. The call for separation from the world does not occur. This is to walk after the flesh. Walking after the flesh leads to death and not life. Is this why we see a dead church rather than one that is vibrant and alive?


Jesus has a relationship with His Father and only did what He saw and heard His Father doing. This is an active two way process. We too are called to have a relationship with our Father in heaven. We can only do this through His Spirit who lives in us. We are to walk in authority and manifest signs and wonders around us and do greater works than what Jesus did. This is what Jesus promised but how little  do we see His works manifested in our midst. No wonder the church has lost its power to be the head and not the tail. It is time we restored our relationship with our Father and be like Jesus on earth.

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