Acting The Gospel


The Acts of the Apostles is the record of the actions that the apostles made during their life on earth. It is a record of the acts of the Holy Spirit through them as they were moved by faith to obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit. We too must act on these promptings. This is the way the Kingdom of God is evidenced on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus said that we would do His works and more when the Holy Spirit comes. The Holy Spirit has come and now we must follow Him and do what He leads us to do.

Holy Spirit

Acting is not difficult when we are following a lead. It becomes difficult only when we do it in our own strength. The acts of the Holy Spirit are supernatural. When we are led to pray for healing, we see healing manifested. This is an act. Actions follow faith filled words spoken in the power of the Holy Spirit. Why don’t we see more of this in our daily lives? I believe this is so because we are led more by our soul rather than the Holy Spirit. The Kingdom of God is not of this earthly realm. It is heaven invading earth. When we pray we bring heavenly gifts down to earth.

Heaven On Earth

We must be doing the Father’s business down here. This was what Jesus did. He only did what He heard and saw His Father doing. We too are called to do the works of God. This is to act in His Name. We are just messengers who deliver His message. God needs us on earth to do His will. We have the authority on earth given to us to fulfil the will of God on earth as it is in heaven. When we put into action His will, we bring heaven to earth.  Let us act the gospel in our daily walk and continue the acts that the Apostles did.

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