The Great Cover Up That Keeps Us In A Prison

Cover Up

We see each other the way we present ourselves to each other. Most of us have over the years camouflaged our real self through layers of cover ups. This may be in the form of our dress, make up, language, class association etc. These are layers we hide inside to project to the world an image of ourselves. This is the way the world has taught us to be. This cover up we feel is necessary to hide from our sin. Just like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden covered themselves with leaves to hide their sin. This continues till today. We fear being found out as to who we really are. Our sin consciousness has driven us to hide the distasteful parts of our self. This cover up continues even after we have been saved from our sinful nature.

Soul Transformation

This is because although our spirit has been redeemed our soul still needs to be transformed. This transformation occurs through the renewal of our minds. However we still spend most of our time being programmed by the world through TV and other media. Our soul is bombarded daily by the world. How much time do we spend with God and His word? Relatively we hardly find time to spend on His word. Therefore we tend to conform with the world rather than being transformed by His word. No wonder the world does not see us as different from them. We rationalise our position by trying to be the same to save them. 

Be Separate

God has called us to be separate from the world. How can the world see anything different in us if we blend with them? We are called to be salt and light to the world. Yet we are part of the darkness and expect the world to change. This is the dilemma of the church where its leaders are mostly conforming with the world. We see this acted out on different issues where the church chooses to conform rather than be different. It is time we took a good look and shed our cover up and be who we really are. We are kings and priests and this is our calling. God’s word will help us transform to be like Him and not like the world.

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