The Truth Separates From The Lie


What is truth? Pilate asked this question of Jesus. Jesus said I am the truth. Truth is greater than facts. Facts maybe right but they are not the truth. This is why many get confused. Most people think facts are the truth. This is how the world operates. The justice system operates on facts. Facts appear to be the truth till the facts are challenged in the court of law. The devil likes to copy the truth. This is the way he leads people away from the truth. We see a lot of things that are a copy of the original. So also our lives can copy good behaviour but that is not the truth. Many follow a guru or spiritual leader but fail to discern the truth. In this world we will be challenged by forms of truth that are not the truth.


Only Jesus said I am the truth. He did not talk about the truth. This is the big difference. Many talk about the truth but don’t know the truth. Truth is a person. In Him truth is absolute. To have Him is to have the truth. His life in me is the truth. Now I can walk in the truth. Knowing about a person is not the same as knowing the person. Many know a lot about a person but don’t know the person. Many are deceived through knowledge of the truth. What a sad state this is. Jesus said he who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has life. This is the life He imparts to us when we believe. Without Him we are just following a form of truth but not the truth.

Eternal Life

Life is a journey and we all go through phases till we come to know the truth. Once we know the truth then nothing can take us away. This is how things were with the first disciples. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and with fire. They did not think about their life but gave all to Him. They received the truth as a personal experience not just knowledge of the truth. Before the Holy Spirit came they knew Jesus as someone outside them. Now they knew Him as abiding in them. This is what God desires  for each of us. He wants to come and reside within us. In this way we have the truth within us. This is life and eternal life. Jesus said he who believes in me has eternal life. Come and be saved by the truth and be saved.

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