I Experienced His Presence And Saw A White Light


God manifests Himself to us in different ways. He is in the wind, fire and still small voice. I had an experience similar to when I first met the Lord in my conversion experience. He appeared as a bright light to me. This time I was praying for a sister who has been suffering with secondaries in her spine. She went for a check up and found more secondaries. She is going for radiotherapy today. During my prayer time for her I felt His presence and saw a white light. I wondered what it meant. I can only think that she is completely healed or will go home to be with the Lord soon.


God manifests Himself to His children. We need to expect God to do so. He said signs and wonders will follow the preaching of His word. We can expect healing and deliverance when we pray. This is supernatural manifestation of what we ask in the flesh. God desires to invade our world with blessings from heaven. This is how He makes Himself real to us. We will see only what we expect from God. If we do not believe in signs and wonders then we will not see them. Miracles are occurring daily around us but we fail to see them.  We rationalise these things and say they are by chance or luck.


In these last days God is going to manifest Himself in our midst. He is going to manifest His goodness and many will repent and turn to Him. We live in days of His grace and He wants many to enter into His Kingdom. The organised church has wandered away from its calling to be salt and light to the world. God will work through individuals that hunger and thirst after Him. Just as He worked through Moses and David and other great saints, He will do so again. Let us yield to His Spirit and welcome signs and wonders in our midst today.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

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