Who Is Speaking? Your Body, Soul Or Spirit?


We were created body, soul and spirit. We therefore need to discern who is in charge of us. If the body is in charge then we will follow our fleshly desires and satisfy the needs of our body. This is to be led by our body. Our five senses dictate what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Each of our senses will dictate what we do and we will satisfy our senses and be led by them. This the Bible calls is carnal. Our carnal desires lead us and therefore we listen to them. We are no better than animals in that sense. We never grow up and keep wanting more to satisfy our senses. Addictions sometimes grow from our carnal desires including sexual addiction. Nothing satisfies as our desires can never be satisfied. 


Some of us are controlled by our soul, which stands for our thoughts, feelings and will. Our thoughts dictate a lot of our feelings and behaviours. When our thoughts are in control then we become a slave to it. Some are so addicted to their thoughts that they become obsessive or delusional in their thinking. Our thoughts can be from many sources but we fail to separate the source and so own them. This is the way the devil sows thoughts into us and because of a lack of discernment we succumb to them. Our feelings collude with our thoughts and push us to commit acts unthinkable. Some even commit murder through jealousy and hatred.


Finally a few of us are controlled by our spirit. Our spirit being senses the spirit world and can be led away from the truth. There are evil spirits that try and convince us that we can do things through their power. Familiar spirits can control us and we think we are right. We can be deceived and religious spirits can masquerade our churches and lead many astray. When the Holy Spirit comes to abide in us we can be led by Him. Other spirits cannot reside in a person who has the Holy Spirit. Those who are led by the Holy Spirit are children of God.

Holy Spirit Led

Therefore we need to discern who we are listening to. This is a daily choice we have to make. We can do this only if the Holy Spirit is leading us. He will give us the discernment to know who we are listening to. This is a journey and we will slip from time to time and give in to our body or soul. However if we persist in being led by the Holy Spirit then we will overcome and live the abundant life promised.

Photo by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels.com

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