I Am A King And A Priest In The Kingdom Of God

I Am A King

God says that I am a King and a Priest in His Kingdom. Yet how many of us think and live like this? Most of us think that it is humble to be poor. However God is rich and generous. How come we have decided that we should think like man and not like God. Prosperity is seen as a bad word because it makes us proud. This is the way the world thinks. God said we should enjoy an abundant life in Him on earth as it is in heaven. Our poverty mentality has made us twist the word of God to think like man. This is why we see so much lack and disorder amongst us. Could this be true?

Wrong Teaching

Wrong teaching can result in wrong outcomes. This is what sin does. Jacob was prepared to sell his birth right for a morsel of food. How pathetic to think that and then suffer for it. Many suffer in this life due to wrong teaching. God wants us to prosper and be in health as our soul prospers. When we interpret His word according to our own thoughts we belittle it to our standard. We select words that fit our theology rather than what God says. How much we have to unlearn what we have been taught. When our minds are transformed we can see clearly where we have gone wrong.

Kingdom Mindset

Today let us return to a Kingdom mindset where poverty is a curse and not a blessing. We need to behave like Kings on earth. Isn’t this more attractive and bring glory to God when His children rule and reign on earth? Instead we are satisfied in living in second class accommodation. We should be living a five star life knowing our Father is rich and loves to bless us. Our flesh will be against this because it is fallen in its thinking. I wonder how many will agree with me? Maybe most will condemn me for my lavish lifestyle. Well if you rather live in poverty, so be it. I will live like as a King because I believe He wants me to.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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