Mind Blindness: I See But I Don’t.

Mind Blindness

Mind blindness is real. Many times in conversation we cannot progress because the other person fails to understand us. This is a form of mind blindness. They appear to see and hear yet they fail to comprehend. Why is this so? This is so because their mind is blocked from seeing. How does this block occur? This occurs when people are fixed in their thoughts about a certain subject or person and can’t see beyond their own thoughts. How sad a state this is! Blockages can occur due to different reasons. It could be that the person just fails to understand. They are unable to process the information in a way that they can understand.


Jesus spoke in parables. The disciples could not understand and so Jesus had to explain the parable using literal language. Many times we don’t see what the scripture we read is saying. We get confused by the language and metaphors used. The writer has written the text in the context of the culture of his time. We use a western lens to understand scripture and fail to see. Our western images of eastern culture fail to get across the real meaning of what was written. So Jesus had to explain this in simple terms but they still failed to understand. To this day the Jews fail to see Jesus as the Messiah. Their spiritual eyes are blind. Yet some have seen and understand.


We need the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to understand. We can have a lot of information but without understanding we fail to see. We hear that seeing is believing like Thomas claimed. Yet Jesus said we must believe to see. Is this a contradiction. Faith believes even when it does not see. Faith than is able to see into the supernatural and bring it into the natural. The feeding of the five thousand is an example of how faith multiplied the loaf and fishes. God wants us to see with our spiritual eyes so we can understand His ways and be transformed.

Photo by Thiago Matos on Pexels.com

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