Identity, Authority And Rulership


Identity is our sense of self. How we see ourself determines how we project ourself onto others. A weak identity will project a weak self to others. A strong identity will ooze confidence to others. However unless our identity is built on the Rock it will crumble easily in times of stress. Our identity in Christ as the Rock of ages means we will not be moved as He does not move. Any other foundation is shaky and cannot withstand the storms of life. Many start of well but in the midst of trial and temptation break down. We can see many examples of this in every class of society. 


Authority stems from identity. When we know who we are , we will exercise authority. Jesus knew who He was and the demons trembled in His presence. He just had to say the word and they would leave. We too can do the same. We need to exercise our authority when challenged by the enemy. He cannot stand the Name of Jesus or the blood of Jesus. We can use the Name of Jesus to overthrow the enemy. Jesus said He has given us all authority to go into the world and make disciples. Many times we pray amiss because we do not understand authority. The centurion knew this and so asked Jesus to say the word and his servant would be healed.


Once we know our authority in Christ then this enable us to rule over principalities and powers and rulers in high places. We just have to say the now word to bind and to lose. We bind the enemy and lose the captive. In this way we will reign and rule in the area of our jurisdiction. We take over the land where our feet trod. We bring heaven to earth and establish His Kingdom where we are. At work, in church, in government and in every area where He has placed us. This is the way we rule and reign on earth. This is our calling and mission. Let us begin today and never look back.

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