What More Do I Need?


God is my Creator and He knows what I need. He has come to dwell within me and you. What more do I need now that He has found residence in me? Nothing. He has everything and because of this I have everything I need. All I have to do now is to share Him with others. This is how God establishes His Kingdom on earth. The more people come to know Him, the less darkness will be around us. He is the Light of the world. He shines His light through us. Now as His lights merge in unity we become a great light to shine in this dark world.


Light is the only way to push back the darkness. Darkness thrives where there is no light. Jesus came to shine His light on us. He opened blind eyes and sets the captives free. His light will deliver us from the darkness we are in. There is no other light that can push back the darkness. What appears to be the light through different sources is just a reflection of darkness appearing as light. Satan can appear as light only to deceive many into his net. Therefore once we have Jesus we have the Light of the world in us. 


What the world desperately needs is Jesus. He will remove all darkness in us and around us. The war is between light and darkness. He knew we were helpless without Him. He came to deliver us from the present darkness. Now as we shine for Him and spread His light, we will shine and light up the world. We maybe few but who is greater than Him. No one can stand in the presence of God and not be changed. Let the light of the Lord shine through you.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

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