See Your Weakness As Opportunity For Strength


Many of us are aware of our weakness and try and hide it or adjust to it. It could be a addiction to food, sex or drugs. Whatever the weakness there is hope to turn it into a strength in Christ. He told Paul His grace is sufficient in weakness. He also is able to turn our weakness into strength through His power. We can choose to confront weakness or treat it as an excuse for many things. Food can be an excuse for poor self esteem. Many of our needs are satisfied through various addictions that trap us in a state of being a victim. We are called to be victors and not victims. We have a choice who we give power to rule us.


Generational weakness can be handed down in families. Many find themselves trapped in poverty, debt or lack. This can be reversed when we change our mindset from a victim to a victor. In Christ we are a victor as He cancelled all weakness on His Cross. Now we can cancel any weakness in Jesus Name and rise in His resurrection power to rule and not be ruled. This is an opportunity for change and transformation. What will we choose? God gave us free will to choose. Now it is up to us to make that choice. Our choice will determine the outcome.  We can move from a helpless state to a helpful state.


Generational curses can be cancelled in the Name and blood of Jesus. He is our solution. Jesus has provided a way of escape for us for every trouble we face. He is the answer to our dilemma. He will strengthen our weak places and make them a stronghold to protect us. God is our refuge and hiding place. In Him we can rest and be assured of our salvation from all ills. No sickness or weakness can over come us because we are over comers. Today turn your weakness into strength in Christ the deliverer.

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