All Ways May Lead To Rome But Not To God

Many Ways

In these days of mass communication we are exposed to a lot of ways to God. The plurality of ways appears to be good and tolerant. However the Bible warns about the broad way to hell and the narrow way to heaven. Yes it appears good to the eyes and ears to accommodate to many ways to God. Even Christian leaders have succumbed to the many ways approach to please the masses. The Bible teaches that there is only one way. Jesus was very clear on this when He said He is the only way to the Father. There is no if and buts about this. How much clearer can He be?

Man’s Way

The many ways approach is part of the multi faith movement. Yes it sounds nice to be able to accommodate to all peoples of all faiths. However this maybe the way man would like it. Even in the Old Testament the people decided to have an image to worship rather than God who they could not see. God made Himself known to them through the cloud by day and fire by night. Yet they chose to make an image to worship according to their ways. God will not tolerate such apostasy. He destroyed them in the desert. This is a warning to us who think we are better than God. 

One Way

God has made His way known to us through the Bible. It is the written word of God. It was not inspired by man but by God. God used men like Moses to write His word as a record. Yet it is not just a record because it is a living word. It produces life. When we believe it and speak it, it creates life. Jesus spoke the word and the worlds were created. All power is given to you and therefore go into the world and preach the gospel. This power stands for authority. God has made His authority available to us. All we need to do is speak the word by faith and see the results.

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