Jesus Said ” I AM” And That Is Final


Jesus said “I Am” when asked who did He think He is. What powerful two words. I Am means He is and there is no one else like Him. He spoke as the Son of God while He was on earth and revealed His true identity. He walked on earth as the son of man but when He said I Am, He spoke as the Son of God. No one could say that but the holy one of God. The people were amazed at this statement and many knew then that He is the Messiah. Just two words revealed His true identity. The I Am now has come to live in us. 

Son of God

What power is released through those two words. The Son of God became the son of man and lived amongst us. He revealed Himself to us yet many failed to see. This blindness clouds the vision of many till they see Him as the great I Am. I Am holds the whole world in his hands. Yet He has chosen to live in us. How amazing is this to know that the Son of God lives in us through His Spirit. The same power that raised Christ form the dead lives in us. Yet how few of us believe this and live this. 

God’s Way

God has provided all that is needed to live a holy life. Yet we choose to do it our own way. We resist to do things His way. This has been the problem from the beginning of time. Man has always wanted to do things his way. God provided everything for us yet we preferred to do it our way. How pathetic is our state that we fail to see and believe. We want to gain points to enter heaven when the provision has already been provided. Come today and let the great I Am take over and lead us into the promised land.

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