Let Your Spirit Man Change Your Soul Man

Spirit Man

Many are not aware that the spirit is separate from the soul. This is due to the terms being used interchangeably. However the Bible does differentiate the spirit from the soul. It is important to know the difference so that we can walk in the spirit and not in the soul. The soul is made up of our thoughts, feelings and will. Our spirit has been redeemed when we repented and received Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. Our soul is being redeemed. Now we can walk in the new creation we are and not in the old. However most people continue to walk according to their soul man and so struggle with walking according to the spirit man.

Soul Man

Once we know that our spirit man is separate from our soul then we can discern the difference. Our soul is so familiar to us because we have walked in it all our life. Our born again spirit now wants to lead us but we fail to listen to it. God has made a way for us to walk in the spirit but we choose to walk in our own way. This is what Paul talked about in Romans 7. We want to please the spirit but we fail to do so. There is a conflict of desires that go on within us and we get trapped many times in guilt and remorse at our failures. We act like a victim rather than a victor. The solution is to know the difference and to walk according to the Spirit.


The Holy Spirit dwells in our spirit. Now we can listen to Him to help us in our walk. Our soul will follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. In this way we begin to get changed as He gives us thoughts to help us challenge our old thoughts. We become transformed by the renewal of our mind. Our feelings follow the renewal of our mind. The walk in the Spirit becomes easy because He gives us the power to overcome. He will bring to our remembrance scriptures that help us in our walk. The devil cannot stand it when we listen to the Spirit. The devil has influence over our soul but not our spirit. Come let us be filled in the Spirit and walk by the Spirit and be changed.

Photo by Cameron Yartz on Pexels.com

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