Are We Still Living Under The Law Or Under Grace?

Law And Grace

Law and grace is the theme of the gospel. God introduced the law to make us conscious of our sin. Under the law we were unable to fulfil the demands of the law. God sent His Son to die for us so that we could now fulfil the demands of the law. This is the time of grace. We have been delivered from the tyrant that oppressed us under the law. We are now free because Christ has fulfilled the demands of the law. We now are able through His Spirit in us to live like a victor and not a victim. Yet how few can testify that this is true? Most of us know the truth but still live as if we are still under the law. Why this discrepancy?

Sin And Death

This is so because we continue to operate according to the old law of sin and death. We have been saved from the condemnation of the law but fail to live in it. The only way out of this mess is to live according to the Spirit. We have been so programmed to our old life that we still operate in it even though we are dead to it. We talk about grace but live under the law. What a sad state of affairs that we know freedom but live in a self made prison! Grace is a powerful state of being. Grace is the experience of knowing He has set us free permanently.


When we come to the place of knowing His grace, we become useful and productive for His Kingdom. Grace is not a state where we throw all care to the wind but a state of humble submission. We submit to the Holy Spirit in us for the free gift of grace. How powerful is the gospel to set us free from the evil master of the law. The law is good but it can be a slave master. However living in grace is much better, for now we can do what the law demands freely. There is no more a slave driver within us but a law lover. This is the great conversion afforded to us through the Cross. No man can do this but only God. Let us avail of the freedom His grace affords to us and live as Kings and Priests.

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