Have You Won The War Within You?


We are all in a war whether we realise it or not. The war is within us and some have it bad while others not so bad. How we manage the war within us will determine if we operate as a victim or a victor. The more we win within us the more confident we will be in winning the wars we face outside. Whatever the challenges that we are faced with, the outcome will be determined of how we play the game. If we win the game within us the chances of winning outside is better. We may not win the war outside every time but as long as we are winning within us, that is what is important.  What is this war within us?


The war within us is the battle with our thoughts and feelings. The more we are sabotaged by negative thoughts the less chances of us winning. Our feelings follow our thoughts. Negative feelings follow negative thoughts. This means that we need to watch our thoughts and what we say to ourself. If our thoughts appear to put us down or fill us with fear and guilt than we become a victim to them. The battle within us needs to be fought till we are able to be more positive and victorious. This is not an easy path for some who have had bad experiences and suffered trauma and abuse. However we can win once we know what to do.


God favours us. We can depend on Him to fight our battles. The devil will try and poison us with negative thoughts. However when we surrender to Jesus finished work on the Cross, we become victorious. He defeated the devil at the Cross and we can avail of this victory for ourselves. His blood is sufficient to cleanse us of all sin. This means all and not some. We must appropriate all He has done and not doubt. We must believe and act on the truth of what He did. In this way we can win the battles and war within us. The more we walk on this path daily, the more we will walk as victors. Start today to win the war within you and never look back.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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