One God Thought Can Cancel Millions Of Doubt Thoughts


Thoughts are the means of communication that we have as humans to be in touch with our environment. Just like the wind, thoughts can come from many sources within and without. We cannot see our thoughts except as we visualise it. We cannot hear our thoughts except as thoughts heard aloud. We have millions of thoughts daily but are only aware of a limited number. Our mind filters our thoughts so that we are not bombarded by them. Many struggle with their thoughts as those filters break down. Many are harassed by thoughts especially when they own them. Thoughts are like clouds and will pass if not allowed to settle in your mind.

God Thought

God also communicates to us through thoughts. He can sow a thought into us. The devil can also sow thoughts into our minds. God knows our thoughts but the devil only knows the thoughts we announce to him. We must choose to reject the thoughts that the devil sends which are to steal, kill and destroy. God’s thoughts are always sent to build and strengthen us. Discern whose thoughts are coming to you and only allow the thoughts that build to stay. This is how a soldier remains prepared all the time. He is vigilant to ensure the enemy is not given a foothold. We too must do the same with our thoughts.

Choice Thought

Our battle is with principalities, powers and rulers in heavenly places that war against us. The more we surrender to God the more the enemy will try to distract us from our destiny. We must stay the course and one way to do this is to be careful with our thought life. We have the power to choose who we will allow in. The word of God is a good place to start as His word always builds us up. It is sent to correct our aberrant thoughts. One God thought can bring us to the throne room where we can enjoy heavenly joy. Come to the throne room of God and take your place with Jesus on the throne. This is our inheritance and destiny as a child of God.

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