Why Worry About Anything. It Is All Going To End Well.


Worry is a mental state where we feel we have lost control of our life. This is normal and human to worry when we face challenges. However when we know that God is in control of our lives then worry becomes a test of faith. Can we trust God in the situation we are in? Why worry when we know God is in control? When we face challenges do we want to control or give God control? The devil knows how to set us up to fail. Failure is not the end of the world. God knows that we are going to fail sometimes. He has included our failures in the final outcome. The final outcome is assured for us in God’s plan as we hold firm to the end. We need to trust Him all the way.


God has promised that He has a good plan for us. He has already written books for us in heaven and has planned for what He wants us to do. All we need to do is trust Him to reveal His plan to us. His plans are good and are part of our mission to fulfil. He does not have plans for us to fail. He has only plans for us to succeed. Do we believe this? If we do then we will not have to worry when things appear to go against us. We can praise God in all circumstances and not give the devil a foothold. We need to trust God will turn things around for us. This is the only way to win our battles. Jesus fixed His eyes on the Cross knowing that this was His Father’s will. He prayed not my will but thine be done. 


Many times we think we know what has to happen. However God knows the end from the beginning. When we trust Him, we can be sure His plans will be fulfilled. There is no other way to walk in victory. Praise is the language of faith. Praise keeps the devil out. The devil is allergic to praise. So never doubt knowing that He who has called us will see us through to the end. What a place of security and safety is this! No child of God should worry for the Father knows best. In this world we will face challenges but He is able to make a way where there appears to be no way. Let us trust Him and see every challenge as an opportunity to overcome and give the devil a headache.

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

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